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José Ivan Ibarra


José Ivan Ibarra's journey and love affair with movement began at U.C. Santa Barbara in 1985. Upon discovering the joy of expression through the use of the body, he dedicated all his efforts to nurturing his new passion. The first dance technique that Mr. Ibarra learned was that of José Limon. Limon's style of movement had a profound impact in Ibarra's dancing and choreography not only because Limon was a great male dancer and choreographer but also because Limon was Mexican. Mr. Ibarra has studied with Mark Morris, Joe Goode, Gary Masters, Cheryl Chaddick, Claudine Naganuma, and Margaret Wingrove. Immediately after graduating from U.C.S.B. Mr. Ibarra started his choreography career by creating "Raiz Viva," for the Santa Barbara Dance Alliance. Since then his work has been performed nationally in his home town of San Francisco, as well as, San Jose, Los Angeles, Hilo and New York, and internationally, in Mexico, China and Japan.


The San Francisco Chronicle described Mr. Ibarra as dancing with a "Steely dignity." The San Jose Mercury News has characterized Mr. Ibarra's choreography as "visceral and haunting." His solo dance, "Where is Thumkin," about a runaway child was chosen as the Critic's Choice Solo Dance of the Year for 1993. This year when discussing "Sola," his new work created for sjDANCEco, the Mercury News said he has a "flair for mixing social and concert impulses."


Between performances and rehearsals, Mr. Ibarra manages to squeeze in a career as a Kindergarten teacher. He has also recently participated in his first gallery opening of paintings.

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